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Solutions in Cloud Infrastructure

Unlimited space and security for your data with up to 10x more speed. Proven savings in money, time and structure.

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Thunder Cloud

Take advantage of cloud computing to improve the performance of your applications, software, ERPs and SAP services.


Thunder Server 

Dedicated, reliable, customized, scalable servers with blazing speed in a private cloud.

DataEnv Cloud

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Host your data in a private environment with flexibility and scale for your IT infrastructure with the highest level of internationally certified security.

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We migrate your environments with no headache. We take care of the migration of servers from wherever they are to Thunder Cloud, Thunder Server and DataEnv Cloud.

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How about reducing your PC and MAC upgrade costs? With our suite of Virtual Desktop solutions that unite our Thin Client Web and dedicated Hardware. Access to applications on a central server with fast and secure access.


DataEnv Space

High performance Data Centers, with modern and secure infrastructure with best operating practices and expertise with facilities in Curitiba, São Paulo and New York.

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DataEnv Private Backup

Your data protected. Count on our backup, replication and disaster recovery, monitoring and daily reporting, Data Center disk storage.



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